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Art Brand Studios

While visiting my website, you may have noticed several references to “Art Brand Studios”. Just in case there was any confusion, I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone who/what Art Brand Studios is and what they do for me. In short, they are my publisher; it’s their job to make sure my art is presented to the world in the most authentic way possible. Even though my art is created the old-fashioned way, it takes a team of very talented colorists and print technicians to make sure that every fine art piece looks just as good as the original. We work very closely together to create a finished work that I’m proud to offer to my fans and collectors. In fact, I sign every limited edition print to assure that each are perfect.


The shop at is also managed by the fine people at Art Brand Studios. They have a great team of experienced art specialists that will help you pick out the perfect image or answer any questions you might have. Their expert printers and framers will insure that your particular order will be assembled quickly and correctly. Give them a call at 888.368.1336.

Latest News

Beautiful Crater Lake

This weekend I was able to travel up the west coast to one of the oldest national parks in country, Crater Lake National Park.

New series exploring the country’s national park system

In a new series of paintings, I will be exploring our countries greatest treasures, the national park system. In each painting, I will give a glimpse to the fora and fauna of a specific park set against its most iconic topographic featuring. In this painting, The Spirit of Guadalupe, I visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas.

Tribute to Billy Graham

In memoriam to Billy Graham, my son Zac Kinkade has created a beautiful hand sketch that he has applied to the back of gallery wraps featuring my brother Thom’s painting, “The Cross“. Many of you may know that it was one of my brother’s greatest honors to be asked to create a mural-size image for the redesign of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2010. Rest in peace Billy Graham.

Back on Evine

Zac and I have been invited back on EVINE. This time, we will be on February 1 from 4-6 pm CST. I truly have fun there and always look forward to blurting out odd statements to the chagrin of my producers. And, Zac will be sketching live again so my co-hosts can ask him all manner of questions to his general befuddlement.
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