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Mountain Mechanics

Artist:  Zack Kinkade
Painted:  2022
Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Artist’s Notes:

When I travel, I make a habit of striking out from the beaten path to discover the small nooks and crannies of the American countryside. I am never disappointed when I do. During those times and on such adventures, I have happened upon the inspiration for many of my favorite paintings. Whether it is the gleeful mischief of otters swimming along the California coast or a cry of exasperation from a mother bear dealing with a den full of cubs, I have seen the like of these delightful scenarios as I ramble.
Mountain Mechanics is another example of such a happening, proving itself both a happily discovered experience and an eventually treasured reminiscence. Various critters gather and commune with each other in a shady spot. An abandoned truck serves as a curiosity for a band of mischievous raccoons. A toolbox sits nearby to help the gang of potential joy-riders ready their vehicle to hit the road.
Where this group of ne’er-do-wells might end up on their own road trip is beyond this tale to tell. But, I have to believe in my painter’s heart that this “fix-it” crew will find their way into more mischief and trouble still. I hope you enjoy the boisterous fun of Mountain Mechanics and thank you for sharing my adventures in art.


  • Mountain Mechanics is the perfect companion piece to Zac Kinkade’s Black Bear Bedlam, which also captures fun animal antics in the Great Outdoors.
  • In addition to the mischievous raccoon family, some of the other wildlife featured in Mountain Mechanics are bunnies, a skunk, and a Cardinal, who is observing the shenanigans from his perch high above.
  • The red barn in the background is a nod to rural America and the countryside that is an important part of our nation’s fabric.
  • Can you decipher the vanity plate on the front of the classic truck?

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