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Poe’s Park

Artist:  Zack Kinkade
Painted:  2020
Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Artist’s Notes:

It is often said that dogs are “man’s best friend,” and there are times, at least, when I would be hard-pressed to argue against the sentiment. I grew up with pet dogs, and each was a lovable member of my home and family. Buster, a Great Pyrenees, was my first, and he truly was a gentle giant. Buster used to lay on the lawn while wild rabbits hopped around him. He seemed to enjoy their company. Then came Apollo, a golden lab and Shetland pony mix, who also was a canine wrecking machine. He once ate the windows in my house, trying to get outside to look at a wayward bird. To say the least, my father was not pleased.

Now I have Keanu, a Siberian whose major goal in life is to play anything with anyone at any time, and my brother lives with Poe, the pug. This small pooch has a large character and is a small celebrity in collector circles as his face is unforgettable. He also makes routine guest appearances in my published paintings.

Poe’s Park is an homage to all of our four-legged barking companions. Though often into trouble, it is hard to imagine a truer heart than in our furry best friends. Look carefully or miss some fun tributes to our favorite canines. And, as always, I want to thank you for sharing my adventures in art.


  • Poe’s Park is the first release in Zac Kinkade’s Playful Pets Collection, a series that celebrates furry and feathered friends.
  • Nods to funny dog antics are included in Poe’s Park, including a pup rolling in the mud while his pal looks on and a group of dogs digging holes.
  • Dogs and their owners are portrayed enjoying the park together. Can you find the owner walking her dog in a carriage and a dog lying out in the sun with her owner?

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