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Spirit of the Grand Canyon

Artist:  Zack Kinkade
Painted:  2021
Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Artist’s Notes:

Few places in this world can match the splendor so evident in any vista drawn from the Grand Canyon. The range of hue in the rock, the play of shadow and light in each crevasse discovered, and the sheer depth of the field experienced can overwhelm the eye of their beholder. The Canyon truly is a visual spectacular. But the real grandeur of this gorge does not simply lie in its view. Rather, it is captured by how that panorama fills the mind’s eye and affects the human spirit. It is how it makes you feel that makes its sight so special.
Join me as I paint this natural wonder and pay a visit to some of its most famous inhabitants. A family of bighorn sheep gazes out into the summer sun as a team of mules takes a group of tourists down the steep trails that lead to the mighty Colorado River, the source of this ever-changing geologic gash in the earth. A ringtail cat looks on with interest as a Gila Monster slowly crawls the sun-warmed red rock.
Spirit of the Grand Canyon is my latest attempt to pay homage to our country’s great national parks and wildlands. I hope this painting entices you all to visit this wondrous place, and in seeing it, you can feel the canyon’s touch on your heart, mind, and soul. And thank you all for sharing my adventure in art.


  • From mid-July through the end of September, the Grand Canyon experiences extraordinary thunder and lightening storms, which are enhanced by the region’s unique topography.
  • The Grand Canyon is home to an estimated 447 species of birds. Can you guess which bird Zac included in Spirit of the Grand Canyon?
  • Including the Gila Monster, there are 41 reptile species that live in the various ecosystems of the Grand Canyon. Did you know 

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